Free Journal and Sticker Printable

I have been journaling for quite a long time now, the inspiration just comes to me. I live for the free printables that are usually found online, another reason for me to design more journal. Simple things like that always make my day and what other way to give back than to do my own freebie.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite images and quotes, all you have to do is print them on any paper of your liking.

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❤ Pauline


Said and Done by John O’Callaghan

How often do you look back?

Really reflect on what you’ve done.

The insignificance of it all.

Pointless arguments, inside jokes, funny haircuts.

But do you ever wonder how you will be remembered?

Or if what you’ve done and what you’re doing means anything at all?

What will your songs sound like when you’re dead and gone?

Will tears fall when the last note is sung?

And how will your story be told?

And will your words leave a bitter taste in their mouths, or will they even remember you at all?


The concept is rather simple.

Most know what it means to be civil, but there truly is a fine line between sweet and sour.

Give too much of yourself away and you’ll be all used up, not enough and no one will be around to share this with.

So what is it that motivates us to be better, gentler, more refined?

I’d like to think it’s those close to us, close to the heart and soul.

Those who carried you to the car after you puked on their shoes.

Those who took the blame for breaking the window when it was you who cast the stone.

Those who will be by your side when reality knocks on your door, both good and bad.

But more importantly, those whose stories you will share with your kids, and grand-kids, and their kids, and their grand-kids, in hopes to somehow keep this all alive.

Chivalry, decency, kindness, compassion, desire, strength.

How will you be remembered?

Another poem by John O’Callaghan to get me through the night.


❤ Pauline

eyes bright, uptight


Whenever I think of school, the first thing that comes to mind was hardship. I had a hard time in school because I wasn’t one of the smart kids unlike my siblings. I was the one to be expected to get by every year without failures, but I did graduate on time and that’s enough for me to be proud of myself. 🙂

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30 Day Photography Challenge

This is my first time doing a challenge. I was on Pinterest when I saw this photo and now, I decided to do one and I’m so excited!

Every day, I’m going to update this post by adding the photo and the challenge that corresponds to that day. I hope that this is an okay way to do it. Here we go! 😬

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I Must Be Dreaming


I just saw The Maine play live for the second time in my life. The excited feeling and adrenaline is still pumping through me even if it was three days ago and I haven’t felt this alive in years. I’ve known this band for so long and seeing them live again with my friends and siblings was very special to me and the experience that came with it is one that I will never ever forget. It even happened on a weekend!

Six months ago, The Maine announced a solo show here in the Philippines and my Twitter feed kind of broke that day and I think that’s beautiful. I immediately felt the familiar feeling of being stuck waiting and anticipating for this one band from Phoenix that changed and saved my life a couple of times and then I started counting down the days with my friends.


Days went very fast and I just saw that it was the second week of June already and we haven’t got any tickets yet. My friends and I agreed to buy tickets together but it looked like none of us wanted to go first and initiate, until we agreed to meet at the venue, at the show day, with all of us not holding any tickets in our hands. The fun part of the whole waiting was we worked it all out. I’m not going into detail but the important part was that we enjoyed the show without us stressing and struggling. It’s like the tickets came to us in a moment of need and we just realized that now.


The entire set was awesome, sweaty and I did a lot of screaming and dancing and I didn’t care that my arms and legs hurt because of all the thrashing and jumping. The Maine never fails to amaze me. They even played songs from their old albums which I thought that some of the new fans haven’t heard of yet and I wish that they try because you can really see the growth of this band even just by listening. They played some new songs and everyone just lost it in the pit, it was wonderful to watch and be a part of it. They played some of my favorite songs like (Un)Lost, Like We Did, We All Roll Along, Raining in Paris and of course, Another Night on Mars. We were all chanting for them to play Saving Grace but even if John sang just the first line of the song, it just made my night, heck, it even made my year! They’re a band that not a lot of people know about, maybe people have listened to a song or two and that’s it. They’re so good playing live and they’re very humble people. I wish more people listened to them.

Emotions flooded through me right after Another Night on Mars because I never thought I’m ever gonna love a band as much as I love them. It’s true that I always feel like I belong and that I can be myself in every concert I went to but it’s different with them, it feels like home, always. My friends and I hugged each other during the Mars and I was getting emotional then, because in my mind, I’m never gonna have a moment like this ever again so I might as well hug them and kiss the people who make me feel less alien and silently thanking The Maine for bringing us together from the start. I didn’t ugly cry like the last time they went here, though. I just focused on singing my heart out with my left arm around my sister’s shoulder and my right hand waving up in the air, swinging and giving in to the bliss.


A day after the show, I wrote on my journal, and right after writing I realized that I spent a whole page and more paper on that day only. I’ve never spent a whole page in one day, even when I travel. That page became colorful and alive. It’s so unbelievable to think that a simple thing can add color someone’s life, someone like me who considered giving up on life and still has no idea what to do. When you look at it, it’s not much but for me who is not that artistic, I think I did a good job. I also wrote at the back of that flowery paper and attached it on the page and I filled it with colorful memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. 🙂

“It’s about a number you can’t explain but you don’t really have to because the people you love already feel it too.”

**Concert photos are from Philippine Concerts. My photos are way too blurry and shaky, and I don’t regret one bit. So yeah, I’m gonna go reminisce and cry now.

❤  Pauline

It Feels Great

Oh, how it feels to feel!

How truly lucky I am to just feel.

To feel it all.

To feel pain, to feel sadness, to feel joy, to feel anger.


For a second there I forgot how fortunate I really am.

Forgot about the energy in my bloodstream.

That violent, unrestricted energy that moves me.

Moves me to scream, and dance, and sing

To fight and fornicate, to kiss and make up.

That feverish, relentless energy that takes me to where I want to go.

I say, “there” and I’m “there”

You say “where” and we’re half way around the world.


And to think…


The beauty of my body is only half that of my brain!

How flawlessly we fit together.

Awfully flawless.

I see things in color

I smell flowers in the springtime

I hear babies cry and airplanes fly and lectures from those who raised me,

I decide things and create things and take one thing and turn it into some other thing.

I panic about my future,

I regret things I’ve done in the past,

I love and I lust and I hope and I pray that I don’t ever fail to remember,

How great it feels to just feel.

Poem by John O’Callaghan

This poem is one of my favorites and I’m so glad I get to share it with you. As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, John has like a side project called Sincerely, John The Ghost and it consists of a physical book and a 6-song digital EP. You can listen to it on Spotify. 🙂

❤  Pauline

Go The F*ck To Sleep


Do you ever just watch as the clock tick by, seconds turn into minutes and try not to think about anything and just get some rest? Do you ever just close your eyes and hope that sleep will just come visit you early that night but then insomnia came over instead? Do you ever just toss and turn on your bed for hours thinking why? If you’ve never experienced these things then you’re lucky.

The purpose of this post is to share my own experience/s with sleep and I trust you not to fall asleep on me. 🙂

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