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I love taking photos, reading and baking cupcakes. When I’m not doing any of these, I usually just watch videos online on how to improve on said hobbies, watch movies or hang out with my friends. Going to concerts is fun because it’s one of the places where I feel like I belong. I always like to take my time but it depends upon the situation. I make playlists and make journals and sometimes I do them simultaneously. I also like to put my thoughts into words but I tend to word vomit and so here I am (haha!).

Come along as I write about what interests me and for me to be able to find inspiration anywhere. May this blog inspire you somehow as I try my hardest to put myself out there.

🌻 Pauline

Fun fact:

“earth to” means

  • calling someone to give them a reality slap
  • a human being who has yet to realize that they have landed on earth
So, yeah. Welcome to earthtopauline!

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