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Whenever I think of school, the first thing that comes to mind was hardship. I had a hard time in school because I wasn’t one of the smart kids unlike my siblings. I was the one to be expected to get by every year without failures, but I did graduate on time and that’s enough for me to be proud of myself. 🙂

Why did I mention school? It’s because that’s where Angelou and I decided to shoot and where we met obviously. Our location this time was inside our old high school. While walking, we remembered the times where we did this and that back then and talked about it until after we finished shooting. There weren’t any students because we visited on a vacation break. We found a field with I guessed was a football net which was not there before and the classrooms were painted in pastel colors which I find very pretty.







Before the sun sets completely, we went to a 7 Eleven nearby to shoot. Not only because of the convenience store aesthetics but also for me to practice some mirror shots which I haven’t even done before. She told me about this inspiration she got from our local magazine and we tried it. We bought drinks and chips and stayed for maybe an hour to shoot and I was surprised and thankful that we weren’t dragged outside by the kuya.




We’re just girls then. Some girls who are not confident enough and scared of what the future has for us. Now, we’ve matured, started to work and make actual money and also modeling and taking photos for fun. What I want to say is that, it takes time for things to get better. What you’re experiencing right now may be hard, but you have to trust in yourself and the universe. Like me, I practice portrait photography by taking photos of my friends and family to be better at it even though I’m not a professional photographer yet. I love what I do and I get a lot of support. I’ve received positive feedback from other people and from friends and that helps me a lot.

Do the things that make you happy and everything will follow. I know it’s not that easy but you have to trust at least in yourself. Good luck!

Camera used: Nikon D3200 / 50mm

✨  Pauline




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Pauline is a 22-year old blogger from the Philippines who loves to capture the present through natural light and her 50mm lens. She likes portrait photography, coffee, reading books and baking cupcakes.

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